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Rellermeyer, J.S. (author), Amer, Maher (author), Smutzer, Richard (author), Rajamani, Karthick (author)
While containers efficiently implement the idea of operating-system-level application virtualization, they are often insufficient to increase the server utilization to a desirable level. The reason is that in practice many containerized applications experience a limited amount of load while there are few containers with a high load. In such a...
conference paper 2018
Rellermeyer, J.S. (author), Omranian Khorasani, S. (author), Graur, Dan (author), Parthasarathy, Apourva (author)
Emerging Big Data analytics and machine learning applications require a significant amount of computational power. While there exists a plethora of large-scale data processing frameworks which thrive in handling the various complexities of data-intensive workloads, the ever-increasing demand of applications have made us reconsider the...
conference paper 2019