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Huang, Y. (author), Seck, M.D. (author), Verbraeck, A. (author)
The benefit of modeling and simulation in rail transit operations has been demonstrated in various studies. However, the complex dynamics involved and the ever-changing environment in which rail systems evolve expose the limits of classical simulation. Changing environmental conditions and second order dynamics challenge the validity of the...
journal article 2012
Huang, Y. (author), Seck, M.D. (author), Fumarola, M. (author)
This paper discusses an enhanced use of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) in the design cycle of large scale infrastructure systems. After a short review of the use of M&S in the current systems design process, we identify some issues in multi-actor design environment. A Simulation Based Design (SBD) framework is proposed to tackle these issues...
conference paper 2012
Fumarola, M. (author), Huang, Y. (author), Tekinay, C. (author), Seck, M.D. (author)
Simulation models are often used to analyze the behavior and performance of infrastructure systems. The use of simulation models in multi-actor design processes is restricted to the analysis phase after conceptual designs have been completed. To use simulation models throughout the design process, simulation environments need to be adapted to...
conference paper 2010