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Yang, G. (author), Ingenito, A. (author), Isabella, O. (author), Zeman, M. (author)
Ion-implanted poly-crystalline silicon (poly-Si), in combination with a tunnel oxide layer, is investigated as a carrier-selective passivating contact in c-Si solar cells based on an interdigitated back contact (IBC) architecture. The optimized poly-Si passivating contacts enable low interface recombination, resulting in implied VOC (iVOC) of...
journal article 2016
Limodio, G. (author), Yang, G. (author), Ge, H. (author), Procel Moya, P.A. (author), de Groot, Y. (author), Mazzarella, L. (author), Isabella, O. (author), Zeman, M. (author)
In this work we develop a rear emitter silicon solar cell integrating carrier-selective passivating contacts (CSPCs) with different thermal budget in the same device. The solar cell consists of a B-doped poly-Si/SiO<sub>x</sub> hole collector and an i/n hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) stack acting as electron collector placed on the...
journal article 2019