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Wang, H. (author), Yang, Jun (author), Liao, Hui (author), Chen, Xianhua (author)
Electrically conductive asphalt concrete has the potential to satisfy multifunctional applications. Designing such asphalt concrete needs to balance the electrical and mechanical performance of asphalt concrete. The objective of this study is to design electrically conductive asphalt concrete without compromising on the mechanical properties...
journal article 2016
Wang, H. (author), Lu, Guoyang (author), Feng, Shuyin (author), Wen, Xiaobo (author), Yang, Jun (author)
Pyrolytic carbon black (CB <sub>p</sub> ) from scrap tire pyrolysis is a potential modifier for the bitumen industry. Binders containing different contents of CB <sub>p</sub> were prepared and experimentally investigated to examine the effects of CB <sub>p</sub> on the electrical and thermal conductivity, conventional physical properties,...
journal article 2019