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Chen, B. (author)
?-Hydroxy carbonyl compounds are an important class of compounds often found as a common structural motif in natural products. Although the molecules themselves look rather simple, their synthesis can be challenging. Water addition to conjugated C = C bonds opens up a straightforward route for the preparation of ?-hydroxy carbonyl compounds....
doctoral thesis 2015
Chen, B.S. (author), Resch, V. (author), Otten, L.G. (author), Hanefeld, U. (author)
The enantioselective Michael addition using water as both nucleophile and solvent has to date proved beyond the ability of synthetic chemists. Herein, the direct, enantioselective Michael addition of water in water to prepare important ?-hydroxy carbonyl compounds using whole cells of Rhodococcus strains is described. Good yields and excellent...
journal article 2014
Chen, B.S. (author), Otten, L.G. (author), Resch, V. (author), Muyzer, G. (author), Hanefeld, U. (author)
Rhodococcus rhodochrous ATCC 17895 possesses an array of mono- and dioxygenases, as well as hydratases, which makes it an interesting organism for biocatalysis. R. rhodochrous is a Gram-positive aerobic bacterium with a rod-like morphology. Here we describe the features of this organism, together with the complete genome sequence and annotation....
journal article 2013