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Jamshidi, A. (author), Hajizadeh, S. (author), Su, Z. (author), Naeimi, M. (author), Nunez Vicencio, A.A. (author), Dollevoet, R.P.B.J. (author), De Schutter, B.H.K. (author), Li, Z. (author)
In this paper, a decision support approach is proposed for condition-based maintenance of rails relying on expert-based systems. The methodology takes into account both the actual conditions of the rails (using axle box acceleration measurements and rail video images) and the prior knowledge of the railway track. The approach provides an...
journal article 2018
Jamshidi, A. (author), Hajizadeh, S. (author), Naeimi, M. (author), Nunez Vicencio, A.A. (author), Li, Z. (author)
In this paper, we present a condition-based maintenance decision method using<br/>knowledge-based approach for rail surface defects. A railway track may contain a considerable number of surface defects which influence track maintenance decisions. The proposed method is based on two sets of maintenance decision factors i.e. (1) defect detection...
conference paper 2017
Jamshidi, A. (author), Faghih Roohi, S. (author), Hajizadeh, S. (author), Nunez Vicencio, A.A. (author), Babuska, R. (author), Dollevoet, R.P.B.J. (author), Li, Z. (author), De Schutter, B.H.K. (author)
Railway infrastructure monitoring is a vital task to ensure rail transportation safety. A rail failure could result in not only a considerable impact on train delays and maintenance costs, but also on safety of passengers. In this article, the aim is to assess the risk of a rail failure by analyzing a type of rail surface defect called squats...
journal article 2017