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Li, Fankang (author), Shen, Jiazhou (author), Parnell, S. (author), Thaler, Alex N. (author), Matsuda, Masaaki (author), Keller, Thomas (author), Delaire, Olivier (author), Pynn, Roger (author), Fernandez-Baca, Jaime A. (author)
The energy resolution of the conventional way of measuring a small change in a phonon dispersion curve using neutron scattering is restricted by the relatively coarse intrinsic resolution ellipsoid of the neutron triple-axis spectrometer (TAS). By implementing inelastic neutron spin echo on the host TAS using the Larmor precession of the...
journal article 2019
Li, Fankang (author), Feng, Hao (author), Parnell, S. (author), Crow, Lowell (author), Matsuda, Masaaki (author), Ye, Feng (author), Kimura, Tsuyoshi (author), Fernandez-Baca, Jaime (author), Pynn, Roger (author), Thaler, Alexander N. (author)
journal article 2018
Li, Fankang (author), Feng, Hao (author), Thaler, Alexander N. (author), Parnell, S. (author), Hamilton, William A. (author), Crow, Lowell (author), Yang, Wencao (author), Jones, Amy B. (author), Bai, Hongyu (author), Matsuda, Masaaki (author), Baxter, David V. (author), Keller, Thomas (author), Fernandez-Baca, Jaime A. (author), Pynn, Roger (author)
The neutron Larmor diffraction technique has been implemented using superconducting magnetic Wollaston prisms in both single-arm and double-arm configurations. Successful measurements of the coefficient of thermal expansion of a single-crystal copper sample demonstrates that the method works as expected. The experiment involves a new method of...
journal article 2017