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Li, Wei (author), Li, Zongkun (author), Ge, W. (author), Wu, Sai (author)
The internal mechanism affecting life loss caused by a dam-break flood is complicated. On the basis of analyzing the risk formation path, a risk evaluation indicator system was established which included the hazards, exposure and vulnerability factors. Variable Fuzzy Sets theory was introduced into the risk evaluation of life loss risk grades...
journal article 2019
Li, Yanwei (author), Taeihagh, Araz (author), de Jong, W.M. (author)
Recently we have witnessed the worldwide adoption of many different types of innovative technologies, such as crowdsourcing, ridesharing, open and big data, aiming at delivering public services more efficiently and effectively. Among them, ridesharing has received substantial attention from decision-makers around the world. Because of the...
journal article 2018