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Van Oldenborgh, Geert Jan (author), Van Der Wiel, Karin (author), Sebastian, A.G. (author), Singh, Roop (author), Arrighi, Julie (author), Otto, Friederike (author), Haustein, Karsten (author), Li, Sihan (author), Vecchi, Gabriel (author), Cullen, Heidi (author)
During August 25-30, 2017, Hurricane Harvey stalled over Texas and caused extreme precipitation, particularly over Houston and the surrounding area on August 26-28. This resulted in extensive flooding with over 80 fatalities and large economic costs. It was an extremely rare event: the return period of the highest observed three-day...
journal article 2017
Huang, F. (author), Xia, Z. (author), Li, F. (author), Guo, L. (author), Yang, F. (author)
Hydrological changes of the Irtysh River were analyzed concerning the changes of annual runoff and its distribution features within a year measured by coefficient of variation and concentration degree. Abrupt changes were detected by the heuristic segmentation method. Possible causes of the hydrological changes were investigated considering...
journal article 2012