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Boelhouwer, P. (author), Priemus, H. (author)
This paper describes to what extent a more or less collective feeling of urgency to reform the Dutch housing market is addressed in the political arena. By doing that, it sheds some light on the effectiveness and influence of academic research and recommendations on the political decision making process. We conclude that the suggestion of...
conference paper 2011
Tu, Q. (author), de Haan, J. (author), Boelhouwer, P.J. (author)
This paper establishes a simple affordability model that implicitly incorporates the major Dutch market features to elucidate long-run house prices under a regulatory environment. The results reveal a long-run relationship for house prices under strict regulations. The association among house prices, income, interest rates, and inflation is...
journal article 2017
Boelhouwer, P.J. (author)
The Dutch social rented sector has acquired an international reputation because of its social nature and the way it has evolved. With around 32% of the total stock, the size of the sector is much bigger than in other western European countries. Also the development after the second world war is unique. This current position is deter-mined by the...
report 2014