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Van Emstede, C.I.C. (author)
The special value that is attributed to historic buildings and structures is the foundation of built heritage conservation and preservation. National guidelines and international charters state that the cultural-historical values attributed to a monument must be leading in drawing up and assessing preservation plans for a monument. To indicate...
doctoral thesis 2015
Heinemann, H.A. (author)
Concrete like materials were already applied during the Roman Empire. After the decline of the Roman Empire, a wide scale application of concrete only reappeared in the 19th century. Here lies also the origin of modern (reinforced) concrete. Since then, both concrete application and composition have significantly changed. Today, concrete from...
doctoral thesis 2013
Janssen, Joks (author), Luiten, E.A.J. (author), Renes, Hans (author), Stegmeijer, Eva (author)
Heritage is a highly malleable concept that is constantly in flux and whose substance and meaning are continuously being redefined by society. From such a dynamic perspective, it is inevitable that new approaches and practices have developed for dealing with heritage in the context of planned development. While most scholars acknowledge the...
journal article 2017