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Wu, K. (author), Tichem, M. (author)
Photonic packaging, which includes high-precision assembly of photonic sub-systems, is currently a bottleneck in the development of commercially-available integrated photonic products. In the pursuit of a fully-automated, high-precision, and cost-effective photonic alignment scheme for two multi-channel photonic chips, this paper explores...
journal article 2018
Wörhoff, Kerstin (author), Prak, Albert (author), postma, F (author), Leinse, A (author), Wu, K. (author), Peters, T.J. (author), Tichem, M. (author), Amaning-Appiah, B. (author), Renukappa, V. (author), Vollrath, G. (author), Balcells-Ventura, J. (author), Uhlig, P. (author), Seyfried, M. (author), Rose, D. (author), Santos, Raquel (author), Leijtens, XJM (author), Flintham, B. (author), Wale, M. (author), Robbins, D. (author)
Fully automated, high precision, cost-effective assembly technology for photonic packages remains one of the main challenges in photonic component manufacturing. Next to the cost aspect the most demanding assembly task for multiport photonic integrated circuits (PICs) is the high-precision (±0.1 μm) alignment and fixing required for optical I...
conference paper 2016