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Yuan, Zhenyu (author), Wang, Jie (author), Wang, Y. (author), Liu, Q. (author), Zhong, Yujie (author), Wang, Yu (author), Li, Li (author), Lincoln, Stephen F. (author), Guo, Xuhong (author)
A biocompatible Dex-MA/PAA hydrogel was prepared through copolymerization of glycidyl methacrylate substituted dextran (Dex-MA) with acrylic acid (AA), which was applied as the adsorbent to remove cationic dyes from aqueous solutions. Dex-MA/PAA hydrogel presented a fast adsorption rate and the removal efficiency of Methylene Blue (MB) and...
journal article 2019
Wang, Y. (author), Wang, Jie (author), Yuan, Z. (author), Han, Haoya (author), Li, Tao (author), Li, Li (author), Guo, Xuhong (author)
Chitosan has been used to cross-link poly(acrylic acid) to give three pH-sensitive hydrogels designed to control the release of the drugs amoxicillin and meloxicam. The extent of cross-linking and solution pH was found to dominate the swelling behavior of these hydrogels as shown by scanning electron microscopy and swelling time dependencies....
journal article 2017