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Cao, Pinqiang (author), Wu, Jianyang (author), Zhang, Zhisen (author), Fang, Bin (author), Peng, Li (author), Li, Tianshu (author), Vlugt, T.J.H. (author), Ning, Fulong (author)
A sound knowledge of fundamental mechanical properties of water ice is of crucial importance to address a wide range of applications in earth science, engineering, as well as ice sculpture and winter sports, such as ice skating, ice fishing, ice climbing, bobsleighs, and so on. Here, we report large-scale molecular dynamics (MD) simulations...
journal article 2018
Fang, Bin (author), Ning, Fulong (author), Cao, Pinqiang (author), Peng, Li (author), Wu, Jianyang (author), Zhang, Zhun (author), Vlugt, T.J.H. (author), Kjelstrup, Signe (author)
journal article 2017
Wu, J. (author), Ning, F. (author), Trinh, T.T. (author), Kjelstrup, S. (author), Vlugt, T.J.H. (author), He, J. (author), Skallerud, B.H. (author), Zhang, Z. (author)
Despite observations of massive methane release and geohazards associated with gas hydrate instability in nature, as well as ductile flow accompanying hydrate dissociation in artificial polycrystalline methane hydrates in the laboratory, the destabilising mechanisms of gas hydrates under deformation and their grain-boundary structures have not...
journal article 2015