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Battjes, J.A. (author), Beji, S. (author)
Nonlinear aspects of breaking and non-breaking waves propagating over a submerged trapezoidal bar have been investigated by laboratory experiments, with special emphasis on the generation of high-frequency energy. Data collected from the measurements are used for computing spectral and bispectral estimates in order to assess the contribution of...
conference paper 1991
Stive, M.J.F. (author), Battjes, J.A. (author)
The radiation stress concept is basic to the description of currents induced by waves. Gradients of the excess momentum flux due to the presence of waves (or radiation stress) appear as volume forces in the time- and depth-integrated horizontal momentum balance equations. Combined with the continuity equation these three equations yield the mean...
conference paper 1986
Battjes, J.A. (author), Janssen, J.P.F.M. (author)
A description is given of a model developed for the prediction of the dissipation of energy in random waves breaking on a beach. The dissipation rate per breaking wave is estimated from that in a bore of corresponding height, while the probability of occurrence of breaking waves is estimated on the basis of a wave height distribution with an...
conference paper 1978