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Schuwer, Robert (author), Janssen, Ben (author)
conference paper 2018
Janssen, P. (author)
Designers interested in applying evo-devo-design methods for performance based multi-objective design exploration have typically faced two main hurdles: it’s too hard and too slow. An evo-devo-design method is proposed that effectively overcomes the hurdles of skill and speed by leveraging two key technologies: computational workflows and cloud...
conference paper 2013
Debacker, W. (author), Allacker, K. (author), Delem, L. (author), Janssen, A. (author), De Troyer, F. (author), Spirinckx, C. (author), Geerken, T. (author), Van Dessel, J. (author)
A four-year project has started in 2007 to develop a methodology that can be applied to optimize the Belgian dwelling stock. The aim of the project is to optimise buildings concerning their environmental impact, their financial cost and the quality they offer over the whole life cycle, from the production of primary raw materials to the final...
conference paper 2010