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Ambesi, D. (author), Kleijn, C.R. (author), Den Hartog, E.A. (author), Bouma, R.H.B. (author), Brasser, P. (author)
In chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear protective clothing, a layer of activated carbon material in between two textile layers provides protection against hazardous gases. A cylinder in cross flow, sheathed by such material, is generally used to experimentally test the garment properties. This is, however, complicated and predictive...
journal article 2013
Hartmann, H. (author)
This thesis aims at a contribution to reliable and accurate predictions of complex, multi-phase processes. The reader is presented detailed simulations on liquid and solid-liquid mixing using large eddy simulations (LES) including scalar mixing and particle transport in a Rushton turbine stirred tank geometry. Large eddy simulations have been...
doctoral thesis 2005
Hanjalic, K. (author), Peeters, T.W.J. (author)
book 1997