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Zhan, Changjie (author), De Jong, W.M. (author), de Bruijn, J.A. (author)
China has gone through a rapid process of urbanization, but this has come along with serious environmental problems. Therefore, it has started to develop various eco-cities, low-carbon cities, and other types of sustainable cities. The massive launch of these sustainable initiatives, as well as the higher cost of these projects, requires the...
journal article 2018
Zhan, C. (author), De Jong, W.M. (author), de Bruijn, J.A. (author)
In the past few decades, urban infrastructures in China have seen an enormous upgrade, and due to large-scale urbanization many more investments are due in the coming years. In order to supplement public funding, Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and municipal bonds have recently grown popular in China. The introduction of this new policy does...
journal article 2017