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Abrahamsen, Asger Bech (author), Liu, D. (author), Magnusson, Niklas (author), Thomas, A (author), Z., Azar (author), Stehouwer, Ewoud (author), Hendriks, E (author), Penzkofer, A. (author), Atallah, K (author), Dragan, R.R. (author), .Clark, R.E. (author), Deng, F. (author), Chen, Z (author), Karwatzki, D. (author), Mertens, A. (author), Parker, M. (author), Finney, SJ (author), Polinder, H. (author)
Innovative drive trains targeted at 10-20 MW offshore turbines are investigated in the INNWIND.EU project in order to determine the impact on the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) resulting when installed in the ,North sea at 50 m of water [1]. The two main technologies studied are superconducting direct drive (SCDD)[2] and the magnetic pseudo...
abstract 2017