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Dekker, K. (author), Kleinhans, R. (author)
This paper focuses on the relationship between voluntary and involuntary reasons for relocation, and the satisfaction with the dwelling and the neighbourhood. We distinguish between voluntary reasons to move and forced reasons to move (demolition or renovation versus divorce). While these separate reasons have been extensively studied in the...
conference paper 2010
Dekker, Rianne (author), Belabas, Warda (author), Scholten, Peter (author)
It is often asserted that ethnic minorities have a marginalized position in the city. Interethnic contact theory argues that due to spatial segregation, minorities’ access to interethnic contact is limited and they have less access to social resources. Social media have the potential to overcome spatial boundaries and provide new opportunities...
conference paper 2013
Vervoorn, R.R.E. (author), Dekker, H.R.E. (author)
Rijkswaterstaat has recently stated that the use of GeoRM is obligatory for projects with major geotechnical risks. Underground construction of freeway's in high-profile areas, such as the business district Zuidas in Amsterdam or railway links in densely populated areas, always introduce major geotechnical risks. It is not uncommon for these...
conference paper 2015