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Sayde, C. (author), Gregory, C. (author), Gil-Rodriguez, M. (author), Tufillaro, N. (author), Tyler, S. (author), Van de Giesen, N.C. (author), English, M. (author), Cuenca, R. (author), Selker, J.S. (author)
Accurate methods are needed to measure changing soil water content from meter to kilometer scales. Laboratory results demonstrate the feasibility of the heat pulse method implemented with fiber optic temperature sensing to obtain accurate distributed measurements of soil water content. A fiber optic cable with an electrically conductive armoring...
journal article 2010
Sayde, C. (author), Buelga, J.B. (author), Rodriguez-Sinobas, L. (author), El Khoury, L. (author), English, M. (author), Van de Giesen, N.C. (author), Selker, J.S. (author)
The Actively Heated Fiber Optic (AHFO) method is shown to be capable of measuring soil water content several times per hour at 0.25 m spacing along cables of multiple kilometers in length. AHFO is based on distributed temperature sensing (DTS) observation of the heating and cooling of a buried fiber-optic cable resulting from an electrical...
journal article 2014