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Riva, R.E.M. (author), Bamber, J.L. (author), Lavallée, D.A. (author), Wouters, B. (author)
The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment satellites (GRACE) provide, for the first time, a method to directly measure mass exchange between the land and oceans over time. The dominant components of this exchange are due to continental ice loss/gain and land hydrology. Here, we determine the secular trend in these two components during the...
journal article 2010
Wouters, B. (author), Riva, R.E.M. (author), Lavallée, D.A. (author), Bamber, J.L. (author)
Variations in the Earth's water cycle are commonly quantified by their effect on global mean sea?level. However, the interaction between passive adjustment of the ocean to changes in gravitational attraction due to mass redistribution, the related deformation of the solid Earth and disturbances in the Earth's rotation vector will yield a...
journal article 2011