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Wouters, B. (author), Chambers, D. (author), Schrama, E.J.O. (author)
Using satellite gravity data between February 2003 and January 2008, we examine changes in Greenland's mass distribution on a regional scale. During this period, Greenland lost mass at a mean rate of 179 ± 25 Gt/yr, equivalent to a global mean sea level change of 0.5 ± 0.1 mm/yr. Rates increase over time, suggesting an acceleration of the mass...
journal article 2008
Groh, Andreas (author), Horwath, Martin (author), Horvath, Alexander (author), Meister, Rakia (author), Wouters, B. (author), Ditmar, P.G. (author), Ran, J. (author), Klees, R. (author), Schrama, E.J.O. (author)
Satellite gravimetry data acquired by the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) allows to derive the temporal evolution in ice mass for both the Antarctic Ice Sheet (AIS) and the Greenland Ice Sheet (GIS). Various algorithms have been used in a wide range of studies to generate Gravimetric Mass Balance (GMB) products. Results from...
journal article 2019