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Gunter, B. (author), Urban, T. (author), Riva, R. (author), Helsen, M. (author), Harpold, R. (author), Poole, S. (author), Nagel, P. (author), Schutz, B. (author), Tapley, B. (author)
In this study, we present a comparison of coincident GRACE and ICESat data over Antarctica. The analysis focused on the secular changes over a 4-year period spanning from 2003 to 2007, using the recently reprocessed and publicly available data sets for both missions. The results show that the two independent data sets possess strong spatial...
journal article 2009
Groh, Andreas (author), Horwath, Martin (author), Horvath, Alexander (author), Meister, Rakia (author), Wouters, B. (author), Ditmar, P.G. (author), Ran, J. (author), Klees, R. (author), Schrama, E.J.O. (author)
Satellite gravimetry data acquired by the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) allows to derive the temporal evolution in ice mass for both the Antarctic Ice Sheet (AIS) and the Greenland Ice Sheet (GIS). Various algorithms have been used in a wide range of studies to generate Gravimetric Mass Balance (GMB) products. Results from...
journal article 2019