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Jing, R. (author), Liu, X. (author), Varveri, A. (author), Scarpas, Athanasios (author), Erkens, Sandra (author)
Asphalt mortar is a mixture of bitumen, filler, and sand. Mortar plays an important role in asphalt mixtures as it serves as the adhesive between the coarser aggregates. Due to the effect of bitumen ageing, the chemical and mechanical properties of asphalt mortar evolve with time. The mortar becomes more brittle and prone to cracking, thus...
journal article 2018
Liu, G. (author)
Montmorillonite (Mt) nanoclay is a layered silicate mineral with a 2:1-type layer structure, two tetrahedrals sandwiching one octahedral. In recent decades, it is successfully introduced into polymer systems to form polymer-clay nanocomposites (PCN) in which the silicate layers of the Mt are randomly and homogeneously dispersed at a molecular...
doctoral thesis 2011