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Amani, A. (author)
doctoral thesis 2016
Öztürk, B. (author)
Adhesives based on thermoset polymers are used as thermal and electrical interfaces. These adhesives are filled with different particles in order to meet the requirements of heat transfer and electrical properties. Due to the reliability requirements of automotive applications, they are required to have excellent bulk and interface properties....
doctoral thesis 2015
Oxman, N. (author), Laucks, J. (author), Kayser, M. (author), Uribe, C.D.G. (author), Duro-Royo, J. (author)
The formation of non-woven fibre structures generated by the Bombyx mori silkworm is explored as a computational approach for shape and material optimization. Biological case studies are presented and a design approach for the use of silkworms as entities that can “compute” fibrous material organization is given in the context of an...
conference paper 2013