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Kelder, E.M. (author), Ursem, W.N.J. (author), Roos, R.A. (author), Marijnissen, J.C.M. (author)
The invention provides method for the removal of ammonia from air and converting the ammonia in a fertilizer material, comprising (a) contacting at least part of the air with an aqueous liquid, wherein the aqueous liquid is a solvent for ammonia, to provide an ammonia containing aqueous liquid,and(b) contacting the ammonia containing aqueous...
patent 2011
Ursem, W.N.J. (author), Marijnissen, J.C. (author), Roos, R.A. (author), Kelder, E.M. (author)
The invention provides a method for the production of a titania coating (80) on a surface (101) of an object (100) comprising electro spraying a titanium comprising liquid (15) to the surface (101) of the object (100) to provide a titanium comprising layer (85); and heating thetitanium comprising layer (85) thus obtained to provide the titania...
patent 2010