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Dubey, R. (author), Eustace, S.J. (author), Van Mullem, Jesse S. (author), Sudhölter, Ernst J. R. (author), Grozema, F.C. (author), Jager, W.F. (author)
We report herein a versatile and user-friendly synthetic methodology based on sequential functionalization that enables the synthesis of previously unknown perylene bisimide (PBI) dyes with up to five different substituents attached to the perylene core (e.g., compound 15). The key to the success of our strategy is a highly efficient...
journal article 2019
Dubey, R.K. (author), Inan, D. (author), Sengupta, S. (author), Sudhölter, E.J.R. (author), Grozema, F.C. (author), Jager, W.F. (author)
We report the synthesis and excited-state dynamics of a series of five bichromophoric light-harvesting antenna systems, which are capable of efficient harvesting of solar energy in the spectral range of 350–580 nm. These antenna systems have been synthesized in a modular fashion by the covalent attachment of blue light absorbing naphthalene...
journal article 2016
Günba?, D.D. (author), Xue, C. (author), Patwardhan, S. (author), Fravventura, M.C. (author), Zhang, H. (author), Jager, W.F. (author), Sudhölter, E.J.R. (author), Laurens, D.A. (author), Siebbeles, L.D.A. (author), Savenije, T.J. (author), Jin, S. (author), Grozema, F.C. (author)
In this communication we report on the synthesis and charge mobility of highly soluble perylenebisimid derivatives.We show that introduction of alkylester side chains results in compounds combining a high solubility with charge mobilities up to 0.22 cm2 V_1 s_1. These materials are therefore interesting as an electron acceptor for solution...
journal article 2014