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Herronen, T. (author), Saarenketo, T. (author)
In April 2008 Roadscanners Oy survey group from Finland did Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys on a dike in the Netherlands, in Friesland, near the village of St.Jacobiparochie. The primary goal of these surveys was to test what is the best way to utilise GPR technique in locating areas of disintegrated asphalt and other structural defects...
report 2008
Herronen, T. (author), Saarenketo, Y. (author)
In May 2007 Roadscanners did a series of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys on two dikes in the Netherlands, one in Friesland and the other in Hellegatsdam. The purpose of these surveys was to determine pavement layer thickness for safety assessment reasons and to produce seed thickness values for FWD back calculation. Another goal was to...
report 2007