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Ostendorf, D.W. (author), Madsen, O.S. (author)
Two momentum based longshore current models and a preliminary longshore sediment transport model are derived, calibrated and tested in the present investigation. The Linear Longshore Current Model predicts the relatively small longshore current induced by monochromatic, two dimensional, gravity waves of finite height and near normal incidence...
report 1979
Nakato, T. (author), Kennedy, J.F. (author), Vadnal, J.L. (author)
The principal features of the numerical model developed herein for calculation of flow and sediment-transport distributions in alluvial-river bends may be summarized as follows: i. The secondary-flow strength and the bed topography are uncoupled from the calculation of distributions of lateral shift velocity and streamwise velocity. This is...
report 1983
Boon, J.G (author), Dardengo, L. (author), Kernkamp, H.W.J. (author)
report 2002