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Gunyol, O. (author)
The current understanding of the transport phenomena involved in the operation of industrial fermenters is not sufficient. This is reflected by the limitations seen in their design and operation. A better insight in the local processes taking place (hydrodynamics, gas dispersion, mixing, microbial kinetics) is required to be able to make a step...
doctoral thesis 2017
van der Kolk, N.J. (author), Keuning, J.A. (author), Huijsmans, R.H.M. (author)
A Reynolds-Averaged Navier Stokes computational fluid dynamics (RANS-CFD) package will be one of the primary tools used during the development of a performance prediction program for Wind-Assisted commercial ships. The modelling challenge presented by large separated flow structures in the wake of the sailing ship points to a conscientious...
conference paper 2017
Ooms, G. (author), Pourquie, M.J.B.M. (author), Beerens, J.C. (author)
A numerical study has been made of horizontal core-annular flow: the flow of a high-viscosity liquid core surrounded by a low-viscosity liquid annular layer through a horizontal pipe. Special attention is paid to the question how the buoyancy force on the core, caused by a density difference between the core and the annular layer, is...
journal article 2013