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Kim, S. (author), Lee, W. (author), Lee, B. (author), Choi, Y. (author), Lee, J. (author), Jung, K. (author), You, H. (author)
journal article 2015
Chang, Joonho (author), Jung, Kihyo (author), Lee, W. (author), You, Heecheon (author)
The present study developed and tested a new usability evaluation method which considers natural product-use motions. The proposed method measures both natural product-use motions (NMs) and actual product-use motions (AMs) for a product using an optical motion capture system and examines the usability of the product based on motion similarity...
journal article 2017
Lee, W. (author), Yang, Xiaopeng (author), Jung, Daehan (author), Park, Seikwon (author), Kim, Heeeun (author), You, Heecheon (author)
A revised pilot oxygen mask design was developed for better fit to the Korean Air Force pilots’ faces. The present study compared an existing pilot oxygen mask and a prototype of the revised mask design with 88 Korean Air Force pilots in terms of subjective discomfort, facial contact pressure, and slip distance on the face in high gravity....
journal article 2018