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Chaszar, A.T. (author), von Buelow, P (author), Turrin, M. (author)
We describe our work on providing support for design decision making in generative design systems producing large quantities of data, motivated by the continuing challenge of making sense of large design and simulation result datasets. Our approach provides methods and tools for multivariate interactive data visualization of the generated...
conference paper 2016
Zheng, Y.F. (author), Zhang, L.L. (author), Zhang, J. (author)
Due to the complexity of natural ground condition, consolidation settlement is usually difficult to predict. In this study, a Pareto multi-objective optimization based back analysis method for consolidation settlement is presented in this study. The model is a coupled flow and deformation model for unsaturated soil foundation which is...
conference paper 2015
Barreto Cordero, W.J. (author)
Flooding in urbanized areas has become a very important issue around the world. The level of service (or performance) of urban drainage systems (UDS) degrades in time for a number of reasons. In order to maintain an acceptable performance of UDS, early rehabilitation plans must be developed and implemented. In developing countries the situation...
doctoral thesis 2012