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Wang, L. (author)
In the Dutch coastal zone, where the marine environment is highly dynamic owing to tidal currents, wind-driven, wave-driven, and density-driven currents and waves, the cohesive sediment dynamics is always a great concern to transportation authority and coastal managers. So far, a lot research has been contributed on the cohesive sediment...
report 2006
Van Kessel, T. (author), Winterwerp, H. (author), Van Prooijen, B. (author), Van Ledden, M. (author), Borst, W. (author)
This paper discusses the application of a simple algorithm for the buffering of fines in a sandy seabed. A second layer is introduced in which fines may be stored during calm weather and from which fines may be resuspended during storms. The algorithm is applied first in a one-dimensional vertical (1DV) point model at a location in the North Sea...
report 2007
Van Thiel de Vries, J.S.M. (author)
Large parts of The Netherlands are protected from flooding by a narrow strip of sandy beaches and dunes. The aim of this thesis is to extend the existing knowledge of dune erosion during storm surges as it occurs along the Dutch coast. The thesis discusses: • A large scale dune erosion experiment to obtain better insight in near dune...
doctoral thesis 2009