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Qinghua, Y. (author)
In the Dutch coastal zone, where the marine environment is characterized by shallow depths and highly energetic hydrodynamic conditions, the cohesive sediments, or mud, play an important role in the local morphology. For instance, mud deposits and high concentrations of suspended particulate matter (SPM) occur frequently, especially during...
report 2006
Van Kessel, T. (author), Winterwerp, H. (author), Van Prooijen, B. (author), Van Ledden, M. (author), Borst, W. (author)
This paper discusses the application of a simple algorithm for the buffering of fines in a sandy seabed. A second layer is introduced in which fines may be stored during calm weather and from which fines may be resuspended during storms. The algorithm is applied first in a one-dimensional vertical (1DV) point model at a location in the North Sea...
report 2007
Van Steeg, P. (author), Klein Breteler, M. (author)
Within the framework of the workpackage 4c: “Flexible coastal defence with geosystems”, which is part of the workpackage 4: “Morfodynamics of the North Sea and coast” several problems are formulated with respect to the application and design of Geosystems. This is performed within the Delft Cluster project “Sustainable development of North sea...
report 2008