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Van Stijn, E.J. (author), Klievink, A.J. (author), Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (author), Tan, Y. (author)
Government agencies and businesses cooperate and invest heavily to achieve reliable and secure global supply networks. A so-called data pipeline, which integrates data from various parties in the supply chain and incorporates data from new tracking and monitoring technologies, would enable real-time data management for businesses. This IT...
conference paper 2012
Klievink, A.J. (author), Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (author), Tan, Y.H. (author)
ICT enables business-to-government (b-to-g) information exchange, which can be used to enhance control and compliance by businesses. However, sharing information can cause resistance by businesses, as for them information is key to competitive advantage, whereas governments need this information to conduct their tasks at lower costs. In this...
journal article 2012
van Engelenburg, S.H. (author), Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (author), Klievink, A.J. (author), Tan, Y. (author)
Advanced architectures for business-to-government (B2G) information sharing can benefit both businesses and government. An essential choice in the design of such an architecture is whether information is shared using a thick or a thin information flow. In an architecture with a thick flow, all information is shared via a shared infrastructure,...
conference paper 2017