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Jing, R. (author), van Lent, Diederik (author), Kasbergen, C. (author), Scarpas, A. (author), Liu, X. (author), Erkens, S.M.J.G. (author)
When oxygen diffuses in a bituminous film, it also reacts, simultaneously, with the constituents of the bitumen and as such it is gradually depleted. This depletion process masks the characteristics of the actual diffusion process and complicates the determination of the diffusion coefficient needed for computation of oxygen concentration and...
conference paper 2017
Apostolidis, P. (author), Liu, X. (author), van de Ven, Martin (author), Erkens, S. (author), Scarpas, Athanasios (author)
Induction heating driven polymerisation is an in-situ curing technique for epoxy-asphalt systems that maintains most of the advantages of temperature-driven polymerisation and it solves the need for longer curing time periods at lower temperatures before traffic can be allowed. In particular, induction heating can be utilised to accelerate the...
journal article 2019