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Langejan, T.P. (author), Sunil, E. (author), Ellerbroek, J. (author), Hoekstra, J.M. (author)
Most Free-Flight concepts rely on self-separation by means of airborne Conflict Detection and Resolution (CD&R) algorithms. A key enabling technology for airborne CD&R is the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) system, which is used for direct state information exchange between aircraft. Similar to other communication...
conference paper 2016
Sunil, E. (author)
The current system of Air Traffic Control (ATC) relies on a centralized control architecture. At its core, this system is heavily dependent on manual intervention by human Air Traffic Controllers (ATCos) to ensure safe operations. The capacity of this system is, therefore, closely tied to the maximum workload that can be tolerated by ATCos....
doctoral thesis 2019
Sunil, E. (author), Ellerbroek, J. (author), Hoekstra, J.M. (author)
This paper presents analytical models that describe the safety of unstructured and layered en route airspace designs. Here, ‘unstructured airspace’ refers to airspace designs that offer operators complete freedom in path planning, whereas ‘layered airspace’ refers to airspace concepts that utilize heading-altitude rules to vertically separate...
journal article 2018