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Elsinga, G.E. (author)
Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry is a new experimental method developed to study three-dimensional motion in turbulent flows. The technique is an extension of standard PIV and makes use of several simultaneous views of illuminated tracer particles and their three-dimensional reconstruction as a light intensity distribution by means of...
doctoral thesis 2008
van Hout, R.L.H. (author), Eisma, H.E. (author), Elsinga, G.E. (author), Westerweel, J. (author)
In many applications, finite-sized particles are immersed in a turbulent boundary layer (TBL) and it is of interest to study wall effects on the instantaneous shedding of turbulence structures and associated mean velocity and Reynolds stress distributions. Here, 3D flow field dynamics in the wake of a prototypical, small sphere (D+=50, 692<...
journal article 2018