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Li, Y. (author), McLaughlin, J.B. (author), Kontomaris, K. (author), Portela, L. (author)
This paper presents results for the behavior of particle-laden gases in a small Reynolds number vertical channel down flow. Results will be presented for the effects of particle feedback on the gas-phase turbulence and for the concentration profile of the particles. The effects of density ratio, mass loading, and particle inertia will be...
journal article 2001
Kenjeres, S. (author)
Motivated by the concept of interdependency of turbulent flow and electromagnetic fields inside the spiraling galaxies, we explored the possibilities of generating a localized Lorentz force that will produce a three-dimensional swirling flow in weakly conductive fluids. Multiple vortical flow patterns were generated by combining arrays of...
journal article 2011
Holmen, J. (author), Hughes, T.J.R. (author), Oberai, A.A. (author), Wells, G.N. (author)
The variational multiscale method has been shown to perform well for large-eddy simulation (LES) of turbulent flows. The method relies upon a partition of the resolved velocity field into large- and small-scale components. The subgrid model then acts only on the small scales of motion, unlike conventional LES models which act on all scales of...
journal article 2004