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Seppala, L.J. (author), van der Velde, N (author), Masud, T. (author), Blain, H. (author), Petrovic, M (author), van der Cammen, T.J.M. (author), SzczerbiƄska, K. (author), Hartikainen, S. (author), Kenny, R.A. (author), More Authors (author)
Falls are under-recognized as adverse drug events. Healthcare professionals are reluctant to withdraw fall-risk-increasing medications. The EuGMS Task and Finish group on fall-risk-increasing drugs (FRIDs) proposes in this paper its recommendations on dissemination of knowledge about, management of, and future research on FRIDs. Falls are a...
contribution to periodical 2019
Savenije, Hubert (author), More Authors (author)
Editors of several journals in the field of hydrology met during the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) in Vienna in April 2017. This event was a follow-up of similar meetings held in 2013 and 2015. These meetings enable the group of editors to review the current status of the journals and the publication process, and to...
contribution to periodical 2018