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Hoppe, T. (author), Butenko, Anna (author), Heldeweg, Michiel (author)
The European energy sector is an important economic sector that is also traditionally highly regulated. With the increasing tempo in which innovations in technology and markets occur, catalysed inter alia by the energy transition and accompanied by new formats of innovation (disruptive and bottom-up), the question arises whether existing...
contribution to periodical 2018
Sattich, T (author), Ydersbond, IM (author), Scholten, D.J. (author)
Europe’s power system is still marked by a distinct national component, and despite some regions with strongly integrated power systems, electricity supply today still has a largely national basis. Policies to decarbonise the power sector may fundamentally alter this situation, because power generation from renewable, carbon-neutral sources may...
journal article 2015