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Jansen, J.D. (author)
These notes form part of the course material for the MSc course AES1490 "Advanced Reservoir Simulation" which has been taught at TU Delft over the past decade as part of the track "Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences" in the two-year MSc program "Applied Earth Sciences".
The notes cover the gradient-based optimization of subsurface flow....
report 2016
Van den Hof, P.M.J. (author), Jansen, J.D. (author), Van Essen, G.M. (author), Bosgra, O.H. (author)
Due to urgent needs to increase efficiency in oil recovery from subsurface reservoirs new technology is developed that allows more detailed sensing and actuation of multiphase flow properties in oil reservoirs. One of the examples is the controlled injection of water through injection wells with the purpose to displace the oil in an appropriate...
conference paper 2009
Jansen, B. (author)
doctoral thesis 1996