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Moolman, M.C. (author), Huang, Z. (author), Krishnan, S.T. (author), Kerssemakers, J.W.J. (author), Dekker, N.H. (author)
Background: Controlled restriction of cellular movement using microfluidics allows one to study individual cells to gain insight into aspects of their physiology and behaviour. For example, the use of micron-sized growth channels that confine individual Escherichia coli has yielded novel insights into cell growth and death. To extend this...
journal article 2013
Huang, Z. (author)
Heterogeneity is a general feature in biological system. In order to avoid possible misleading effects of ensemble averaging, and to ensure a correct understanding of the biological system, it is very important to look into individuals, such as a single bio-molecule or a single cell, for details. The size of a single bio-molecule/cell typically...
doctoral thesis 2012