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Luthjens, L.H. (author), Yao, T. (author), Warman, J.M. (author)
We have filled a 24 mm diameter glass sphere with a transparent polymer-gel that is radio-fluorogenic, i.e., it becomes (permanently) fluorescent when irradiated, with an intensity proportional to the local dose deposited. The gel consists of > 99.9% tertiary-butyl acrylate (TBA), pre-polymerized to ~15% conversion, and ~100 ppm maleimido...
journal article 2018
Yao, T. (author)
A radio-fluorogenic (RFG) gel is a polymer gel that can be applied as a 3D radiation dosimeter in radiotherapy. The gel becomes fluorescent in UV light after exposure to high-energy radiation and the intensity of the fluorescence is proportional to the local radiation dose. This radiation-induced fluorescence is permanent, which distinguishes it...
doctoral thesis 2017