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Geevers, S. (author), Mulder, W.A. (author), van der Vegt, J.J.W. (author)
We present new and efficient quadrature rules for computing the stiffness matrices of mass-lumped tetrahedral elements for wave propagation modeling. These quadrature rules allow for a more efficient implementation of the mass-lumped finite element method and can handle materials that are heterogeneous within the element without loss of the...
journal article 2019
Geevers, S. (author), Mulder, W.A. (author), van der Vegt, J. J.W. (author)
We analyse the dispersion properties of two types of explicit finite element methods for modelling acoustic and elastic wave propagation on tetrahedral meshes, namely mass-lumped finite element methods and symmetric interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin methods, both combined with a suitable Lax–Wendroff time integration scheme. The...
journal article 2018
Shamasundara, R. (author), Mulder, W.A. (author)
Finite-element discretizations of the acoustic wave equation in the time domain often employ mass lumping to avoid the cost of inverting a large sparse mass matrix. For the second-order formulation of the wave equation, mass lumping on Legendre–Gauss–Lobatto points does not harm the accuracy. Here, we consider a first-order formulation of the...
journal article 2016