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Dijkstra, J.T. (author)
Aquatic plants –or macrophytes- are an important part of coastal, estuarine and freshwater ecosystems worldwide, both from an ecological and an engineering viewpoint. Their meadows provide a wide range of ecosystem services: forming a physical protection of the shoreline, enhancing water quality and harbouring many other organisms. Unfortunately...
doctoral thesis 2012
Dijkstra, J.T. (author), Uittenbogaard, R.E. (author)
Aquatic vegetation has an important role in estuaries and rivers by acting as bed stabilizer, filter, food source and nursing area. However, macrophyte populations worldwide are under high anthropogenic pressure. Protection and restoration efforts will benefit from more insight into the interaction between vegetation, currents, waves and...
journal article 2010
Dijkstra, J.T. (author), Uittenbogaard, R.E. (author), Stive, M.J.F. (author)
In many areas around the world, there is a large interest in the protection and restoration of aquatic vegetation, like eelgrass (Zostera marina), but little is known about the interaction of such vegetation with its environment. To improve this knowledge, a model has been developed that simulates this interaction between highly flexible...
conference paper 2006