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Chmarra, M.K. (author), Dankelman, J. (author), Van den Dobbelsteen, J.J. (author), Jansen, F.W. (author)
Background - Not much is known about the exact role offorce feedback in laparoscopy. This study aimed to determine whether force feedback influences movements of instruments during training in laparoscopic tasks and whether force feedback is required for training in basic laparoscopic force application tasks. Methods - A group of 19 gynecologic...
journal article 2008
Rodrigues, S.P. (author), Horeman, T. (author), Blomjous, M.S.H. (author), Hiemstra, E. (author), Van den Dobbelsteen, J.J. (author), Jansen, F.W. (author)
Background The aim of this study was to examine the influence of training under direct vision prior to training with indirect vision on the learning curve of the laparoscopic suture task. Methods Novices were randomized in two groups. Group 1 performed three suturing tasks in a transparent laparoscopic box trainer under direct vision followed by...
journal article 2015