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Yang, Z. (author)
The ventilation system plays an important role in the indoor environment of a domestic building. A ventilation system is normally designed based on the national or regional regulations. Although ventilation systems are designed based on the same design rules, performance deviations between different ventilation systems in different houses come...
doctoral thesis 2012
Lantsoght, E.O.L. (author), Yang, Y. (author), van der Veen, C. (author), de Boer, A (author), Hordijk, D.A. (author)
A large number of existing reinforced concrete solid slab bridges in the Netherlands are found to be insufficient for shear upon assessment. However, research has shown additional sources of capacity in slab bridges, increasing their total capacity. Previous testing was limited to half-scale slab specimens cast in the laboratory. To study the...
journal article 2016
Lantsoght, E.O.L. (author), Yang, Y. (author), van der Veen, C. (author), Hordijk, D.A. (author), de Boer, A (author)
Existing bridges with large uncertainties can be assessed with a proof load test. In a proof load test, a load representative of the factored live load is applied to the bridge at the critical position. If the bridge can carry this load without distress, the proof load test shows experimentally that the bridge fulfills the requirements of the...
journal article 2019