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Van Essen, G.M. (author), Van den Hof, P.M.J. (author), Jansen, J.D. (author)
In oil production waterflooding is a popular recovery technology, which involves the injection of water into an oil reservoir. Studies on model-based dynamic optimization of waterflooding strategies have demonstrated that there is a signifcant potential to increase life-cycle performance, measured in Net Present Value. However, in these studies...
conference paper 2010
Van Doren, J. (author), Markovinovic, R. (author), Jansen, J.D. (author)
During the design of development concepts for the exploitation of oil and gas reservoirs, frequent use is made of numerical simulation of the flow of multi-phase fluids through porous rock. Recently, increased attention has been paid to systematic optimization of well positions and operating parameters (rates, pressures) over the life of the...
conference paper 2006